About Us

About Us
Welcome to hammitech.com – The One Place of Tech (About Us)

The main motive to start “HammiTech” is to provide you the best Tips & Tricks related to Technology,  Internet, Android & IOS Tricks, Whatsapp, Gadgets & Mobile Reviews, How To’s, Facebook, and much more.

I (Hammad Ullah- The admin of the blog) started this blog in May2020 and now we are here. We have already posted 100+ articles for you and lots more yet to come. Thanks for your support & Love. We will never disappoint you.

Hello guys, Thanks for Visiting HT (Hammitech.com)
My Name is Hammad Ullah and I’m the Founder/Admin of the hammitech.com. I have completed my Graduation in Commerce and doing a part-time Blogger. Now My focus to become a Full-time Professional Blogger.
I’m in the Blogging field since 2017 and till now I have created more than 16 Blogs/Sites. Most of the blogs are active and some are doing well. I had created my first blog in Blogger.com on Coupons related content. After creating the First blog, got my first AdSense to approve the account after just 2 months of the Blog. But I got my First Payment (Approx $110) after 1 year. That sad but it’s true.
In 2017 I moved to the WordPress platform and giving time to Blogging. I started learning SEO, Content Marketing, Keyword Researching, Building Backlinks, etc to improve my blogging Career.
For now, I have 3 Main Blogs and 4 more other Micro-niche Blogs.
For Earning or Generating Revenues from my Blog I use Google AdSense Firstly then Affiliate Links, Sponsors.
Earning is all depends on How your website performs and how much Pageviews you got in a Month. In My case, I have generated lots of money from AdSense. Now From my 3 Main blogs, I am earning approx $700+ Per Months.
Note: If you work constantly in a blog then you can earn $250+/Month easily from 6 months of site. (For Motivation)